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JCRは、細胞構築や培養技術を利用したバイオ医薬品の開発を行い「バイオ医薬品のJCR」の礎を確立しました。 JCRは、細胞構築や培養技術を利用したバイオ医薬品の開発を行い「バイオ医薬品のJCR」の礎を確立しました。

Since its establishment in 1975, JCR has been working on proprietary technology developments and creation of products in a manner to be “one step ahead” of competitors at all times under its corporate philosophy, “Contributing towards people’s healthcare through pharmaceutical products”. Early onset of these research activities, considerably earlier than its Japanese peer companies, has led to development of biotherapeutics utilizing our proprietary cell construction and culture technologies and contributed to our recognition as “JCR, the biopharma”.

Standing today, we aim towards developing value-added treatment options to address unmet medical needs of patients suffering from various illnesses. We believe that this is achievable as we explore and gather our high level technologies in the biotech arena.

JCR will continue to keep our traditional spirit of venture and challenge the field of rare diseases which we have been targeting since our foundation, and endeavor to become a highly reliable specialized pharmaceutical company with proprietary biotechnologies, and cell therapy and regenerative medicine technologies.