Recombinant Human Growth Hormone
“GROWJECT®”was approved for production and marketing in 1993 for the treatment of short stature primarily caused by growth hormone deficiency in children.
Growth hormone, secreted from the pituitary gland into the bloodstream, plays a pivotal role in childhood development, as well as regulation of metabolism in adults. This product is used mainly in large hospitals or specialized clinics with the primary patients being children, and the treatment is generally as long as 10 years or more.
In January 2017, JCR launched the liquid formulation of GROWJECT®.
The liquid formulation eliminates the drug reconstitution step and offers the convenience over the conventional freeze-dried formulation.
We expect to contribute in improving patient QOL and treatment adherence.
・Growth Hormone Deficiency
・Turner Syndrome
・Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency
・Small for Gestational Age

About GROWJECT® Exclusive Injector

Growth hormone therapy requires self-injection at home almost daily. Many of the patients are children who, if too young, might need help from parents or guardians to receive the injection. This is why we aim to develop an injector,that is easy to operate and with less fear of injection.
Electronically-Controlled Injector
for Liquid Formulation of GROWJECT®
GROWJECTOR® L unveils to be user-friendlier and more compact in size compared to its predecessors with upgraded usability added on to existing features of automatic injection cycle.
Additionally, its patient-oriented design was recognized and brought us“Good Design Award 2017”sponsored by Japan Institute of Design Promotion.