JCR seeks to realize sustainability in keeping with the spirit set forth in the SDGs, with a focus on the key areas of “Rare Diseases,” “Environment,” “Society” and “Corporate Governance.”

JCR, as a specialty pharma in the rare disease arena, always thinks first of our patients and their families around the world. With customer satisfaction in mind, JCR provides sustainable value to society in the spirit of “no one will be left behind” by proactively developing world-class pharmaceuticals, aiming for the sustainable development of society and JCR, which in short is sustainability.
Our reason for existence is “contributing towards people’s healthcare through pharmaceutical products” and we believe that our actions moving forward to pursue sustainability in the manner unique to JCR based on this corporate philosophy can change the future for patients and their families.
In July 2022, we newly established the Sustainability Advisory Committee, Sustainability Committee and Environmental Committee. We are committed to achieving sustainability by marshaling all capabilities of “Team JCR” based on our belief of “think by oneself, act by oneself.” Through such activities, JCR will grow together with society, and we will strive to be a company trusted by all stakeholders as a “research-oriented specialty pharma with global exposure.”

Toru Ashida
Head of Sustainability