JCR seeks to realize sustainability with a focus on the key areas of “Rare Diseases,” “Environment,” “Society” and “Corporate Governance.”

In the Midterm Business Plan for FY2023-2027 “Reach Beyond, Together,” which was announced in May 2023, JCR set out its “ideal state of mind:” to achieve sustainability through business activities based on Rare Diseases, Environment, Society and Corporate Governance. JCR believes that its mission is to harness its R&D and manufacturing capabilities to deliver new treatment opportunities to patients who are living with rare or ultra-rare diseases and their families around the world.
“Team JCR” shares this mission, and its business activities and beliefs are aligned with the spirit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of “no one will be left behind.” We are committed to establishing a production system that ensures a stable supply of high-quality pharmaceuticals with consideration for the environment and to defining KPIs that must be addressed for JCR to continue sustainable growth. By each employee taking these challenges as their own, we will pursue the realization of a sustainable global society. Because we seek to continuously address the voices of patients and their families around the world, we will realize sustainability in the manner unique to JCR, with a view to remaining a company that is chosen by all people involved with JCR and its diverse spectrum of stakeholders.

Toru Ashida
Head of Sustainability