Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate philosophy of JCR Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is “Contributing towards people’s
healthcare through pharmaceutical products.”

Under this philosophy, we aim to contribute to health improvements with better treatment options as a pioneer
company engaged in research, development, manufacturing
and marketing of biopharmaceuticals and regenerative medicine.

Core Values

We strive to establish a reliable company for all stakeholders by actions with high sense of duty in addition to compliance.
We continue our research and development from our own point of view and provide high-quality products and information with confidence in the aim of providing pharmaceuticals that are accepted worldwide.
We aim for further corporate growth in the belief of “Think by oneself, act by oneself” under the basic philosophy.

Basic Business Policies

Our business policies proposed below indicate the more detailed direction of the company based on 3 core values.

1.Management with Focus on Customer Satisfaction
We provide high-quality products, accurate information, and thorough services to customers at all times to enhance customer satisfaction.
2.Management Following Laws and Internal Rules based on Social Commonsense
We promote compliance based on corporate governance and strive to establish internal regulatory system to ensure smooth corporate activities. We follow related laws including Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, Commercial Law Act, and Antimonopoly Act, and agreements and guidelines in the pharmaceutical industry for this purpose.
3.Management in the Aim of Development of Pharmaceuticals Accepted Worldwide
We actively engage in research and development of pharmaceuticals that are accepted worldwide through our own point of view, based on our researches in the field of orphan diseases in the aim of further advances in the future.
4.Management with Consideration for Work Environment
In order to provide highly reliable products as a pharmaceutical company, we make every effort to develop safe and employee-friendly work environment at each office.
5.Management for Development of Human Resources Who Can Think by Oneself and Act by Oneself
For “Think by oneself, and act by oneself”, we aim to develop professionals who have clear sense of purpose and responsibility based on the cooperation among departments.
6.Management to Enhance Management Efficiency and Advantages of JCR to the Maximum
In order to develop business in the pharmaceutical market where the competition is keen, we strive for optimization of “Personnel, Material, and Cost” that form the basis of the management, with a viewpoint to ascertain the market. In addition, we continue to develop a unique business only JCR can engage in, by reinforcement of the cooperation within the company.

Company’s Ethical Code of Practice

These codes describe the standards that should be followed by executives and employees of JCR in business activities in and out of Japan.

Social Contributions
In all business areas, activities must be performed under the philosophy, “Contributing towards people’s healthcare through pharmaceutical products”. Particularly, research, development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products should be performed as follows:
  • 1.We conduct active and focused research and development to provide pharmaceuticals with superior safety and efficacy.
  • 2.We conduct clinical studies with compliance to laws and regulations including GCP under each medical institution to protect subjects’ human rights.
  • 3.We strive to establish the production line to produce high-quality products with prompt and strict quality controls to ensure quality, efficacy, and safety.
  • 4.We strive to optimize the marketing of pharmaceuticals to contribute to saving medical resources. Also, we promptly transfer the safety information to medical front.
Compliance with Social Norms
IWe engage in business activities making contributions to local communities in addition to compliance with social order and laws as sensible corporate citizens.
Elimination of Antisocial Forces
We firmly confront antisocial forces that pose threats to civil society and make unjust and unlawful demands.
Protection of Human Rights
We respect employees’ human rights and individuality, and prepare employee-friendly work environment without any discrimination.
Business Activities with Consideration to Global Environment
We recognize that companies must make considerations for global environment as social responsibility, and actively engage in business activities with consideration to protection of global environment.
Transparency of Management
We make communications with not only stakeholders but also with wider society and disclose corporate information actively and fairly.
Information Management
We respect confidential documents and intellectual properties and protect our own rights. We also respect other companies’ rights.
Management in the Aim of Enhancing Corporate Value
For the management to promote research and development, we actively engage in rationalization and optimization of administrative structure.
Structurization of Corporate Ethics within the Company
Executives themselves must prepare and make efforts to raise awareness of company’s ethical code of practice in all employees. In addition, all employees must recognize the company’s ethical code of practice as their own responsibilities and make efforts to implement them.